Wind Tower and Raising Systems

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Now that you've chosen the right wind turbine by WindTronics™, think about all the reasons why you might need a monopole wind tower with the Vertical Gin Pole raising system:


  • ARE's monopoles are rugged, high quality towers designed to last decades
  • ASTM, low-silicon steel allows are optimal corrosion resistance
  • Monopole designed specifically to the WindTronics™ wind turbines using static, fatigue and frequency analysis
  • Vertical Gin Pole allows you to perform turbine maintenance on the ground
  • To protect the turbine and tower from damaging winds due to hurricanes, typhoons and tornados
  • You don’t have the heavy machinery needed to lower and raise a traditional wind tower


Considering the difference that a self-raising wind tower can make to your operations, it only makes sense to start your wind energy equipment selection with the Ground Control™ wind tower from American Resource & Energy.


The unique design of our Ground Control™ self-raising wind tower gives you the ability to raise and lower your tower with ease and often without the use of a truck or crane.  It's the only non-hydraulic self-raising tower that can be operated by just one person.  The systems features are fixed Vertical Gin Pole which attacheds to the towers foundation bolts.


To view a short video animation the image below.





Monopole Wind Tower with Vertical Gin Pole Raising Systems






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