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Our wind turbine and it's proprietary Blade Tip Power System™ is breaking technological barrier across multiple markets including homes for both energy generation and energy recapture. 


Our wind turbine utilizes a system of magnets and stators surrounding its outer ring, capturing power at the blade tips where speed is greatest, practically eliminating mechanical resistance and drag. Rather than forcing the available wind to turn a generator, the perimeter power system becomes the generator by swiftly passing the blade tip magnets through the copper coil banks mounted onto the enclosed perimeter frame. The Blade Tip Power System ™ addresses past constraints such as size, noise, vibration and output. WindTronics’ proprietary systems are breaking traditional technological barriers across multiple markets, for homes and businesses, for both energy generation and energy recapture. Our wind turbine is the highest output, lowest cost per kWh installed turbine ever made (in class and size). So powerful, so simple. 



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