Aurora Vision

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The Vision Systems group of Power-One® provides lifecycle management solutions for the renewable energy industry. 


Aurora Vision enables you to make the most of your clean energy system by providing Web views that show you information such as how much it is producing, what the temperature and irradiance conditions are and what quantities of greenhouse gases you are avoiding. These views let both end-users and installer/ integrators see how the system is performing. This visibility is useful for marketing and education as well as for operations and maintenance purposes.  Aurora Vision helps today’s operational managers achieve industry-leading results.


Comprehensive solutions for renewable energy management

  • Software-as-a-Service for operations, revenue generation, marketing
  • Multi-vendor data acquisition hardware solutions
  • Maximum uptime & energy harvest


Industry-leading, revenue-grade performance

  • Global scale
  • High resolution data sampling
  • Flexible user friendly design


Aurora Vision - Portfolio Power and Energy (example below)




For more information contact Power-One directly:


Jeffrey Wood, Senior Customer Service Representative

Direct Line:  (408) 785-5154



Download Aurora Universal System - Data Sheet (click here)



Download Aurora Univeral System - Technical Specification Sheet (click here)



Download Aurora Vision - Data Sheet (click here)