Mounting Options

Gain peace of mind knowing your wind turbine is installed securely.

Our wind turbine may be installed using a pole, QuadPod Fixed Mount with the Mounting Foot Package or the QuadPod Fixed Mount with the QuadPod™ Ballast Attachment. Building codes and installation requirements may vary considerably between various townships, cities, states and countries. Make sure all required local permits are obtained before beginning your installation. In some locations the local electric utility may have strict regulations about renewable energy technologies and other interconnection agreements therefore it's highly recommended that they are also contacted before the installation begins.

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QuadPod Fixed Mount

The innovative design of the QuadPod Fixed Mount makes it ideal for mounting either on a flat or pitched roof structure. It is made of powder-coated aluminum for added strength and protection from the elements. The QuadPod Fixed Mount is built to withstand wind speeds up to 140 mph.

QuadPod Fixed Mount Accessories


QuadPod Ballast Attachment

The QuadPod Ballast Attachment must be used with the QuadPod Fixed Mount. The QuadPod Ballast Attachment can be secured with weights and withstands wind speeds up to 140 MPH. The combination mount avoids expensive installation and negates penetration into roof and building structures. The Quad Pod Ballast Attachment is to be used on flat roof installations.


QuadPod Mounting Foot Package

The QuadPod Mounting Foot Package should only be used when the QuadPod Ballast Attachment is not necessary. The QuadPod Fixed Mount and the QuadPod Mounting Foot Package can be used on pitched or flat roof installations.



Universal Pole Coupler Mounting Option

Be confident that your wind turbine is securely installed to your pole by using the Universal Pole Coupler. The Universal Pole Coupler can be used on metal, wood or concrete poles. This mount fits pole diameters of 7.75 inches up to 12.50 inches.