Technology Comparison


WindTronics™ Technology Center proudly announces the addition of ANSYS software seats as an integral part of its rapid product design and technology development. ANSYS is the world’s leading analytical software design system for advanced technologies used in the nuclear, aeronautics, chemical, and renewable energy industries. The WindTronics™ Technology Center uses ANSYS software for finite element analysis (FEA) of the turbine’s mechanical design and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of its blade design, power extraction and site assessment. Extensive modeling has already confirmed the steady state power output performance of the blade tip power system. The following are CFD models of a standard 3-bladed turbine and the WindTronics™ novel turbine design both having the same diameter and in air streams moving at a class 4 average of 12.5mph (5.6m/s). In each simulation the turbines are set to rotate at 163 RPM, but because the flows are solved using a rotating reference frame, the turbines appear to be stationary. It can be seen that the WT6500’s blades cause a lot more movement of the air. While this causes more drag, it results in a substantial increase in lift, which allows for more power extraction.


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